Frequently Asked Questions


Will we have class if the weather is bad? What if it's Raining, Windy, Very Cold or Very Hot?

We will be on the range rain or shine.  Unless the weather is unsafe we will  have class and will be shooting. Dress for the weather.  Layers are best.

How should I dress for the class?

For your safety on the range closed toe shoes and a ribbed neck tee shirt are required.                    * No exceptions will be made to clothing requirements*

We shoot rain or shine - So dress for the weather - Layers are best

Will there be breaks given during class?

Yes, Breaks will be given throughout the class.

Is there somewhere to purchase food & drinks?

Because our lunch / dinner breaks are 30 minutes there is not enough time to leave to go buy lunch.  We suggest you bring a sack type lunch / dinner. 

You may also bring snacks and something to drink throught the day.  It is important to stay hydrated.   

Your Instructor will have bottled water available for purchase.

Do I need to bring Ear Protection & Eye Protection?

We provide Electronic Hearing Protection & Eye Protection for all of our students while on the Range, or you may bring your own.  Electronic hearing protection amplifies voices and sounds around you so they can be heard.  When shots are fired, the electronic circuitry shuts out the gunfire.  The ability to clearly hear your instuctor, hear the range commands and those around you helps ensure safety and gives the student a better learning experience.

Can I take a class if I am pregnant or nursing?

Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers are encouraged to discuss their participation in this course with their physicians prior to the first lesson.


They should discuss the effects of exposure to loud sounds and airborne lead particulate. If any students are pregnant or nursing an infant, they should not handle any chemicals, lubricants, or solvents unless they have discussed doing so with their physician.  


 Classes, training and/or certification are for individuals who are not disqualified from possessing a firearm as defined by applicable federal, state, or local law.  Individuals who have been convicted of a crime of violence are disqualified.  Student must be a U.S. Citizen or Legal Resident with a Green Card in compliance with U.S. Federal ITAR Regulations.